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Help Our Animals in Need – Become a Volunteer

Good volunteers are the key to successful rescue and at AHeinz57, we are blessed to have the very best. Our transport volunteers deliver animals from certain death to a warm, safe, and loving environment at our facility, the Pit Stop. Our Pit Stop volunteers clean them, feed them, care for them, and prepare them for their temporary foster home. Our foster volunteers take them into their homes, love them, teach them manners, crate train them, and love them some more. And our adoption team and home visit volunteers ensure that they go to forever homes that can properly care for them and give them the life they deserve. THANK YOU to those who serve us.

Want to help but can’t be on site or foster? We have plenty of behind the scenes needs on our teams from writing thank you notes, organizing addresses, graphic design, photography, copywriting, inventory and more. Share the skills you have to offer and we will find a place for you to have an impact.

There are few things as rewarding as caring for a homeless animal. When you volunteer at AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport, you’ll impact hundreds of lives and discover that a lick is the best ‘thank you’ you’ll ever get.

Group or Business Volunteers

Do you have a group or business that is interested in helping us out for a day or a few hours? We always have work that needs to be done at our facility in De Soto! Contact us to sign-up to Volunteer as a group or business.

How to Become an AHeinz57 Volunteer

Fill out the volunteer application online. Once completed, you will receive an email inviting you to view our General Orientation video.

Please note that volunteers must be at least 18 years old to volunteer on their own and submit an application online. Parents that would like to have their children volunteer with them must supervise the children at all times and not all situations allow children to assist with animals.

If parents want to sign up a minor child, please document the minor child’s information (first and last name, DOB, email and cell phone # (if applicable) in the section of the online application (Better Impact) titled: Names & ages of all household members.

If you have any questions regarding volunteering at AHeinz57, please email our volunteer team.

Although we have no minimum time requirements, we do ask that you donate at least one to two hours every month. For those of you who cannot make this type of commitment, we are also in need of event volunteers who are able to help at fundraising events held throughout the year.

Volunteers must be able to read and work independently. Volunteering is a privilege and the rescue reserves the right to refuse anyone from doing so.