About AHeinz57

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Mission Statement

We are committed to saving homeless companion animals, assisting other shelters/rescues through rescue transports, offering in-home training to keep dogs in their current homes, and educating the public on the issues of pet over-population, responsible pet ownership and puppy mills.

A Foster-Based Animal Rescue Organization

AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport, Inc. is a 501(c)3, non-profit, foster-based animal rescue organization, headquartered in De Soto, IA. We are a unique rescue organization in that we exist mainly to bridge the gap between traditional animal shelters and no-kill rescues in 2 different ways: 1) By providing free transportation for dogs from traditional shelters to no-kill rescues all over the Midwest and Canada. We also provide overnight rest stops for our furry travelers and temporary housing for those whose time has run out at the shelters, but have to wait for a foster spot to open up in one of the rescues; 2) By pulling dogs out of traditional shelters that are on death row and placing them in foster homes and forever homes through our organization.


What Do We Mean By “Transport”?

Everyday, no-kill rescues monitor traditional shelters and do their best to pull dogs out before they are euthanized. Those that are lucky enough to dodge that bullet still need to get to no-kill rescues that have room for them. Most of the time, this requires transportation to another state. A transport coordinator blasts out emails to the transport network and volunteers sign up for various legs of the journey. We give them rides!

AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport volunteers typically drive dogs from Bethany, MO to Clear Lake, IA. Sometimes we take them as far north as Minneapolis, MN or go as far south as Kansas City, MO to pick them up. We have been east to Illinois and west to Omaha, NE.

We have two transport vehicles that are equipped specifically for the safe transport of these precious lives.

What is Fostering?

We are a foster-based program for homeless dogs. In addition to taking in the strays in our community, we also pull dogs out of shelters. When dogs are scheduled to be euthanized or gassed in shelters, we pull as many as we can out and place them in temporary homes (“foster homes”). Then we get them completely vetted (vaccines, heartworm test, heartworm prevention, Frontline, spay/neuter, rabies shots, dewormer and microchip). Once all vet care is taken care of we find them forever homes through adoption events and posting them online. We need committed volunteers to make this work.

What is the Pit Stop?

The Pit Stop is located in De Soto, IA. It is designed to be a temporary stop for dogs when they first arrive. There they get vetted and we make sure they have nothing contagious before sending them to their foster homes.  We are currently building a new facility.

Amazing Grace – The Reason We Are

Amazing Grace, the scared little dog dumped along the highway who was saved by Amy Heinz, is the reason she founded AHeinz57.